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Sealing and Staining

    Pigmented Stains – These have pigments mixed with some type of binder. Pigmented stains offer dramatic color but can obscure the woods more delicate features.

    Dye Stains – As the name implies, dye is used instead of pigments. This type doesn’t hide the grain as much as pigmented stains so they are best used for bright, transparent effects.

    Oil based or Water Based- Usually an oil base stain will be easier to use, with longer drying times providing more control of the color. Water based stains allow quick finishing and no odor.

    Interior Use or Exterior Use- The most dramatic differences between interior or exterior use is that exterior stains need a protective top coat to protect them from the weather. Interior stains don’t require an additional clear finish, the protection is built in.

Clear Wood Finishes:

Clear wood finishes are both beautiful and tough, providing a high degree of chemical and abrasion resistance. All act as a sealer, protecting the wood fibers from water and cleaning chemicals. They can be applied to a wide range of materials, including stained windows, doors, trim and furniture.
The job of clear wood finishes is to protect your wood from water, dirt and grime plus the wear and tear of everyday life. There is a wide array of clear protective wood sealers on the market, each providing a different level of protection.

Another way is what is left behind after the finish is applied. In this case there are two different categories; film forming finishes and penetrating finishes.


Penetrating finishes are absorbed into the wood pores with very little remaining on top. All of the penetrating finishes are wipe-on types, even if they are initially applied with a brush. The excess is removed after a short period, usually 5-10 minutes.


    Linseed Oil – Mostly used on exterior wood siding and log homes.
    Tung Oil – Interior use is most common, can be used on food contact surfaces.
    Danish Oil- Can be used on interior doors and trim.

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