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Epoxy Flooring

Garage, Basement and Industrial Floor Resurfacing,
100% Industrial Grade, Solvent Based Epoxy
Epoxy Garage Floor

The use of epoxy floor coating is a popular method used to enhance the life of concrete flooring. This is proven to work best in a garage or basement which is no longer solely used for the purpose of storing family vehicles and washing machines. These spaces have evolved to function as sports areas, practice areas, unique hobby areas, car revisions or repair, kid’s activities or general multipurpose.

All activities add pressure to concrete flooring and may in turn accelerate its deterioration. Possible damage is also posed because of outside temperatures, the presence of various chemicals and substances which can be spilled. The mess and possible grease will rob flooring of its natural beauty but also provide a venue for unwanted accidents.

By modifying a concrete floor through addition of an epoxy coating, protection is given to the flooring thereby increasing its durability and life in general. The life of concrete flooring is also augmented as these coatings are resistant to most toxic and destructive substances such as chemical spills, water and different stains from anything that meets the flooring.

There are many benefits to using epoxy floor paint; here are a few of them:

  •     It’s waterproof

  •     It’s nontoxic when it dries

  •     Resistant to salt and acid

  •     Lasts a long time

  •     It’s rustproof

  •     Resistant to heat

  •     Relatively maintenance free

These benefits mean no more damage caused by road salt and other chemicals that can be harmful to concrete flooring. Epoxy floor paint comes in a variety of different colors.

    A decorative epoxy garage floor will beautify any area and increase the value of your home, shop, retail location, etc.
    Protects and extends the life of your concrete.
    Easy to clean and bacterial resistant.
    Less dirt and dust debris tracked into your home or business.
    Our industrial grade coating systems will resist chemicals, solvents, oils, and hot tire marks – over the counter products are not as effective.
    Provides a waterproof barrier.
    A new epoxy garage floor will be Mold resistant.
    Reduces radon gas emissions.
    A unique and durable flooring application.
    Decorative epoxy floor coating allows you to choose the right color for your space.

Our most popular floor system

    Color flake floors typically include a primer – 100% solids build coat, a urethane top coat and the color are chips we can add to the build coat.
    If a floor is slightly pitted or spalled, a heavy build of primer and epoxy along with chip flakes can hide many or all imperfections while providing a long lasting showroom look.
    Flakes are added to the wet epoxy just below the clear topcoat. Choose from our assortment of pre-blends or we can create custom blends by mixing colors.
    The more chips the more your floor will have that faux granite look. The most common amount provides a medium/heavy broadcast look.

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