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Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home is the first thing all eyes see, so you need to love it! The exterior has so many extremities, devices, windows, doors, gaps, seams and equipment. This is where less experienced painters can often make mistakes that cause themselves more headaches, time and money than the job was worth in the first place! Dettmann-Claus takes the time, matched with our experience and expertise to make sure the job is done right.

A new paint job must be laid over a clean surface to stay beautiful for years, we begin by power washing the exterior. Then we inspect the entire exterior, to find where we need to caulk and seal windows, gaps, doors and seams as necessary to externally weatherize your house. We cover the foundation and roof-line with paper. This prevents any unattractive drips or overspray on those surfaces. Next we sand the garage doorframes and caulk where the molding meets the frame. Loose boards on your home’s exterior are secured by nails or power screws as necessary. We cover your shrubs and the entire ground surrounding your home with cloth tarps. Then we scrape, sand, prepare and prime your home as is needed to make the exterior stay beautiful for years. Our next step, that so many companies skip, is to spray rust preventative materials on your gas lines and other areas that could rust, thereby preserving your home’s vital integrity.

Our actual painting methods are intricate, utilizing a technique that forces paint into cracks and gives siding a more consistent appearance than the standard paint job. It also helps extend the life of the paint. Your front door is usually sanded and coated with a low gloss enamel to lock in its natural beauty. Then we begin the process of brushing and rolling your home’s trim, as these final details are the last step before we haul away all the trash and debris. We also sweep the walkways and grounds and make absolutely sure that we leave our worksite, your home, looking SPECTACULAR.

A typical exterior project with Dettmann-Claus Painting is:

1. Authorize the Work
2. Assign a Project Manager
3. Schedule a Kick-Off Date
4. Select Colors & Create a Job Sheet
5. Purchase all Paint Products and Materials
6. Pressure Wash all Surfaces
7. Cover all Surfaces with Drop Cloths
8. Scrape, Sand and Caulk all Areas
9. Prime all Bare Wood Surfaces
10. Mask and Tape Where Necessary
11. Perform any Necessary Repairs
12. Paint all Designated Exterior Walls
13.Paint all Exterior Trim
14.Paint all Doors, Windows, Electric and Metal Piping as Authorized
15. Clean up and replace work area

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