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Interior Painting

Take a look at the walls and trim in your home/office. Do they provide the image you desire?

For most, the answer to this question is … “no.”

More often than not, people try to use furniture and pictures to accent the beauty of their rooms when the most important aspect of all – the interior color scheme is left unchanged. Dettmann-Claus has the knowledge and experience to update your interior. We have thirty years experience working with people like you to make it the showplace you desire.
We Offer all the historical finishes and most current techniques are also available;

  •     Architectural Finishes

  •     All Ceiling Texture and Color Variations

  •     Thousands of Color Options

  •     Super Premium and Exclusive Manufacturer Coatings

  •     Lifetime Guarantee for Recommended Products

  •     We Move and Replace all Furniture and Frames

  •     Remove and Replace Pictures and Switch Plates

  •     Three Years Guarantee on all D-C Workmanship

Green Revolution at Dettmann-Claus Painting

Interior paint options with ZERO VOC have been available from Dettmann-Claus Painting since 2001 – We are proud to offer low to almost no 99.9%VOC Free, Eco Friendly Interior Paint for the health of your family and the environment. All our recommended paints meet or exceed the strictest requirements of the Federal government and the State of Missouri. Our Green sustainable interior paints allow you to take a breath of fresh air, even after painting! VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) have been found in interior paint for many years. The number generally accepted for low-VOC paint is less than 50 grams per liter; zero-VOC paint has fewer than 5 grams per liter. (All Dettmann-Claus recommended products are less than 50).

Before Work Begins:

  •     Free Estimates are always given

  •     Contract is signed

  •     Colors are selected and ordered

  •     Start date is determined

The typical D-C interior paint project is:

1. All heavy furniture will be moved to the center of each room.
2. All furniture and ceiling fans to be covered with poly and taped to keep in place.
3. All floors will be covered using drop cloths.
4. All electrical plates will be removed from walls.
5. All holes and cracks in walls will be patched as needed.
6. All patches will be sanded as well as walls scuff sanded and dust removed.
7. Any stains from water or grease to be spot primed with water or oil based primer.
8. One full wall coat or two (as quoted) using Super Premium paint in selected sheen and color.
9. All trim and doors to be covered with one coat of a Super Premium trim paint.
10. After painting is completed, a walk around will be performed with homeowner to ensure all areas contracted are to their satisfaction.
11. Project areas will be placed back in original order and touch up paint will be offered and labeled for any future need.

When you decide quality craftsmanship is your top priority please call Dettmann-Claus. We offer “Historic home, interior restoration/repairs, plastering and material renovation expertise.”

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