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Community Maintenance

Dettmann-Claus Painting is dedicated to providing a superior quality work product to all our Community Partners. We work diligently to offer the best resources, tools/materials and quality standards required to exceed expectations for all community boards and residents. Dettmann-Claus helps everyone keep current on the latest product technologys and techniques designed to reduce recurring maintenance costs and extend the beauty of all finished surfaces.
Real Value

    If you’re a homeowner, board member or volunteer leader, Dettmann-Claus will help you achieve the results, cost containment and recognition you deserve.
    If you’re a community manager, Dettmann-Claus will support your specific goals and take full responsibility for the success on every paint maintenance project.
    If you’re in the business of supporting communities, Dettmann-Claus will help you succeed in this ever more competitive marketplace.

A well maintained paint surface can continue to be attractive for five to seven years if completed correctly. Problems do arise if inferior or improper techniques have been previously applied. Attractive exteriors and pleasing overall color schemes are essential to the quality of life in any community. Curb appeal is a key component in the desirability of a neighborhood and the value of its individual homes. Maintaining entry areas and front doors are one of the most overlooked community association responsibilities. There are significant advantages to contracting with a company like Dettmann-Claus for these services.

Finding the right paint contractor and working successfully with that contractor should reduce annual maintenance budgets and are important to each association’s success. Developing a clear, comprehensive paint maintenance contract should be a first step. D-C can work with any community representative, review historical paint maintenance expenses and develop a cost containment program for the future. These may include maintenance specifications, maintenance timelines, future schedules, cost estimates with cap,s and should require the contractor to be environmentally responsible and properly insured. These and other considerations will contribute to a successful relationship while reducing or containing future paint maintenance costs.

Associations need to communicate with all residents and owners about the value of investing in a comprehensive plan which delivers superior results while reducing future paint maintenance expenses. Dettmann-Claus can provide program examples at your request. Dettmann-Claus Painting has years of relevant experience, good community references, well trained experienced employees, and has been a viable business in St. Louis since 1977. Associations have been using the same methods for bidding and selecting painters for years. Could it be time to try something new? Once Dettmann-Claus begins working with the association, the board or manager will receive completed job sheets which itemize project progress and pictures to easily monitor all contractor performance and ensure compliance with the contract.
Key Points

    The paint maintenance budget is a major expense in association management; associations may need to educate homeowners about the need and direct value of better managing this expense.
    By properly contracting for paint maintenance and services, an association can save money and extend the life of all painted surfaces.
    Numerous resources are available from Dettmann-Claus Painting for associations that need help developing and drafting contract specifications.
    When selecting a contractor, the association should consider the quality of the contractor’s personnel. Satisfactory performance requires a well-supervised, competent staff.
    When deciding on a contractor, insist on current references. Contact each reference and tour the grounds in person.
    Contractors must be properly insured and environmentally responsible.
    Associations should designate one individual to monitor a contractor’s performance throughout the term of the contract and work with a contractor to remedy any issues.

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